It’s really hard being [what seems like] the only girl in this city who’s not willing to take her pants off. Since all the girls here are like that it’s like the guys expect it. Since I’m not like that, I feel like guys aren’t going to want to hang out with me. I know, their loss, right? But I’m the one left with no one to hang out with. Why should I feel guilty for not sleeping around? I shouldn’t, but I do because it’s so uncommon here. I want a guy who’ll date me and be ok with me not sleeping with him right after I’ve met him. I guess if no one here’s ok with that, I don’t need to be dating anyone while I’m in this city. I’m not going to just jump into bed with someone. Anyone I date is going to have to be ok with that. I feel guilty though for letting someone down. I know I shouldn’t feel that way. No one’s done anything to provoke me feeling guilty, I just seems to be good at feeling that way on my own. About this among many other things. Its been an odd last few days. (And for YouKnowWho’s comment, whatever you think may have happened did not.)


One response to “Prude

  1. when its supposed to be a contraction, its just “its,” but when its a possessive its “it-apostrophe-s”

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