Mostly sober

Ok, so apparently I am no fun during the week. I don’t drink during the week because even 2 drinks will make me feel off the next morning. I’m not into it. I’m here in this city to work, not to go to bars and get wasted. I would rather go home early at night and do well at work the next day. I mean, I am potentially trying to get a job here after I graduate. I left the bar at 12 last night and they all told me I was no fun. At least I went out. So what if I didn’t drink. Plus, how does going out every night and getting wasted benefit me in ANY way? It’s not going to help my health, it will make me gain weight, I won’t get enough sleep, I won’t be up during the day to do fun things, I won’t function well at work. It’s overall not productive for me to drink during the week.

Last Friday night we went out after we got out of the movies and I drank and danced and was fun. Everyone was like, “Wow, you can tell you don’t have to work tomorrow.” Believe it or not, I can have a good time. Really. I just choose not to have the kind of time everyone else thinks is the only way to have fun during the week. I have a good time just being out and socializing too.

I just don’t see the point in being wasted and closing down the bar all the time. I’m not going to go to work still drunk. Last week one of the girls was still drunk at work Friday and her boss knew and said something about it. I’m not going to do that. Plus, they end up sleeping all day and getting up just in time to eat, shower, and go out again. They’re not going to see anything in NY other than the bars. I want to experience this whole city! I mean, they’re getting to the point that the’re flaking on everything they commit to because they’re too hung over or don’t feel good or just plain still sleeping. They bailed on my twice this last weekend. It’s annoying. I don’t want to be like that. I’lll leave early and not drink on Thursdays. Sorry.


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