Building Collapse

This morning coming to work I left about the same time I always leave. When I got to the subway everything seemed normal…until I went through the turnstile (sp?). Then, there were people EVERYWHERE. I went downstairs to catch the express train like I always do. It’s 3 fewer stops than the local. It was hot, like always, and crowded as a bar on a Friday night. The line, or crowd, waiting was about 5 deep. After about 2 minutes of waiting a train pulled up and stopped; people got off, people got on, and here’s the part where the doors should close and it should go. Nope. The doors stayed open and it sat there for a good 7 or 8 minutes. Finally, doors closed, it went. Immediatly, another train pulled up…one being stopped for that long will cause a backup/line. This one was also very full, people got off, people got on, doors closed and it went. Good sign, but I was still on the platform waiting. Another train pulled up right away like it too had been waiting. This one I finally fit on and I was on my way.

When I got off the subway at Grand Central there was the normal crowd leaving the train and going up the stairs. When we got to that level there were, again, people everywhere. I went out the turnstile, where there was a line – which there never is, to get on the escalator as I normally do, and there was a line for that too. When I did get on it, the left side was standing, as opposed to moving like it normally does. (If you’re on the left side of an escalator in New York City expect to climb stairs, otherwise, get out of the way.) When I got to the top of the escalator all was moving and normal…until I got outside. In the 2 block walk that I have to my office I think I saw 5 ambulances with their lights and sirens on.

When I got to work, when I walked in the door, on the tv was CNN and “LIVE” video of a building in the upper east side of Manhatten (I have since found out it is on 62nd between Madison and Park) that had exploded and collapsed. Wtf?!? I immediately called Mom and said, “Before you see the news, it’s not my building and I’m not in it.” She would have freaked out! There’s still not much word on anything: what caused it, what kind of building it was, if anyone was in it, etc. I’m guessing it was some sort of gas leak or something. Everyone I know is ok, so that is good.

Seems to me like the first thing on everyone’s mind was terrorism…and that’s logical, we are in New York City and that has been all over the news for the last week or so. You know, the plot to bomb the Hudson tunnels and flood the financial district. I don’t think it’s terrorism though, why would they bomb a 3 story building in a not busy part of Manhatten? We’ll know later what happened, I’m sure.

*update* According to it was indeed a gas leak. There were people in the building (which contained dr’s offices and residential apartments), but no one was killed, well, that they’ve reported, so that’s good.


One response to “Building Collapse

  1. I’m glad you’re safe. Someone in my class said it was a gas leak.

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