Sometimes, depending on what shoes I want to wear that day, I will wear flip flops to work and take my heels with me. Today was one of those days. The heels aren’t uncomfortable, they’re just tall, so flip flops make the subway easier. I was wearing them after work and walking around midtown to run a few errands. I actually had to stop outside the post office and put my heels back on. They felt fine and the flip flops (which I NEVER wear) were rubbing my right food where the inside strap was. It wore the top of my foot raw and left a straight line of blisters leading to my toes. It hurts. *pout*

Yesterday I was sitting in my office talking to the guy I share with and a guy who works in traffic. I always take my shoes off and curl my legs up onto my chair. I was resting my hand on one of my feet and noticed something was hanging off my little toe. I pulled it off, thinking it was part of my toe nail or something. It was definitely my WHOLE toe nail. Gross! I wondered what made it come off. Just now I was sitting here talking to Renata. Same thing, other foot. Entire pinky toe nail came off. Wtf?!? I didn’t hit them on anything and they don’t hurt. I don’t get it. Gross, right?!? Maybe I can get a discount on a pedicure.


One response to “Feet

  1. beware ingrown toe nails now….those are an absolute bitch…you wont be able to walk far with those!

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