Everybody in this damn country has to be so pc. Why? Because if they’re not, a bunch of rich, old, white men get offended. It gets ridiculous. “They” want to call deaf people “hearing impaired,” but that offends deaf people. What about “African American?” People who want to be pc use that to refer to black people as a whole. What about the black people who aren’t an African descendent? That’s not correct, but people use it and there are some white people who get offended when you say black. None of the black people I know have EVER gotten offended by my referring to someone as such. It just seems to me that it’s annoying, “business minded” white people who are trying too hard to please everyone else and make sure they don’t lose any business who are getting offended when people lack pcness. Give me a break. Grow a spine.

Today when I was walking to work I passed by the Gap, as I always do. One of the doors had a paper on it that said: “Broken Door. Sorry for the inconvenience.” What inconvenience?! I can understand if you left your place on a Saturday afternoon about 1:30 with the sole intention of shopping at the Gap and when you got there they were closed for some unknown reason. That would be an inconvenience, but a broken door?? There are 2 sets of double doors at the front of that store. That leaves 3 other working doors. I can understand having a sign that says the door is broken, but it’s not an inconvenience that warrents appology. Just use your other hand and open the door next to the one you intended to use. No inconvenience. People can be ridiculous. I guarantee that was written by some overzealous, half-educated manager who is trying too hard to please his boss and kisses everyone’s ass. Yet again, people annoy me.


One response to “PC BS

  1. Dork… don’t sweat the small stuff :-P

  2. wow … pretty strong feelings about a door….what is silly is the fact that a door could be out of order in the first place…its one of the worlds most simple machines…a lever..whats to break??

    as for the ‘african american’ bit..its also odd that people from South Africa are often white, but should be called African-Americans…

    calling black people ‘black’ and white people ‘white’ is really the most efficient way..

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