The 4 P’s

Yesterday I was reading something, I can’t remember what or where it was, that said women should wear “the 4 P’s” to work to keep from intimidating their male coworkers. What the heck?! They were pink, pumps, pearls and perfume. Coincidentally, today I am wearing all 4. So not on purpose. I rarely wear pink to work, it’s very feminie and I feel like it slightly undermines me. I always wear pumps, what can I say, I love them! I always wear perfume. I have for the last 7 years. I have begun to wear pearls more often lately because Dad bought some for me when he went to China. They make me feel so preppy though. Mom makes jewlery and sent me a package with some in it last week. There was a new pearl bracelet she made in there. 3 strands of pearls, one of big white pearls, one of small white pearls, and one of small pink pearls with matching pink stones in the middle of the trand. It goes well with what I’m wearing, so I put it on this morning. Plus, wearing new things always make me feel cute. The shirt is also new…and pink. Coincidence with the 4 P’s, I swear. I also feel like whoever wrote that is an idiot. If a man is intimidated by me at work because I am good at what I do, too bad for him. That’s an issue HE can deal with, not one I should adjust what I wear around!


3 responses to “The 4 P’s

  1. I wear pink to work. I don’t feel that it undermines me.

  2. The only woman at my last job that intimidated me wasn’t the one wearing Pink, Pearls, Pumps and Perfume, it was the former softball player that hit a girl in the side of the head with a ball and gave her a grapefruit shapped knot while she was running to first at our league games… yeah, she was intimidating…

  3. And if she wore the 4 ps… I’d be just as intimidated.

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