Today is the second day in a row that I am having to listen to a protest through my window. The Israeli embassy is across the street. Yesterday there was some Israeli thing going on and an anti-Israeli thing at the same time happening across the street. Today, I don’t know exactly what it is, there is a lot of chanting. The only thing I can make out though is, “Free, free Palestine!” over and over. Urg. Could you just go away and stop being annoying?

Haha! Someone down the hall just yelled, “Damn you! Stop protesting, we’re trying to work!” Hahaha!


4 responses to “Annoyed

  1. It’s always the extremeist bums that get stuff done… because normal people actually have ajobs… and bills…. and aren’t entirely jerks. Not that Palestine shouldn’t be free or anything, it just makes your realize that the people that get heard are the people without actual stuff to do on a regular basis.

  2. You’re seriously pissed off that people who care about the freedom of their homeland are distracting you from your job of learning how to better sell stuff to people? Seems a bit backwards to me…

  3. ahh, your pessimism astounds me

  4. Congrats on your post card confession!

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