Little Italy and tourism

Guy in front of a restaurant: Hey girls, come look at our menu.
Us: We just ate.
Him: Eat again, it’s the Italian way.

Yesterday I was touristy with Natashia. She is here visiting me for the weekend. We got up and went to brunch with a bunch of my friends. Good times. They were all hung over from Friday night and it was pouring rain. She picked a bad weekend to come…it’s rained since she got here and will stop when she leaves. Oh well, we’re having fun. From breakfast I took her down to the financial district and showed her everything down there: the bull, Wall St., the Statue of Liberty and Staton Island, the South St. Sea Port, the World Trade Center. It took so much effort for me. I don’t do crowds well A) because I need my personal space and B) because I get VERY easily annoyed by people and have a hard time being around that many. I just don’t like being touristy. I did an ok job yesterday though.

After being touristy we went and hung out at the boy’s place for a while. I was being a girl. I just got into my head over a few things. Apparently I am dumb though. I try not to be. I was pensive all day and not normal though and he noticed. He asked what was wrong, but I didn’t want to talk about it with his roommate and Tash there, you know? Oh well. We left about 7 and went to Little Italy to get food, cause Tash is in love with Italian culture. Good food, good gelato (I’d never had it before), and good tourism spot. We saw a little of Chinatown and then went back to the boy’s so Tash could see the city lights from the top of his building. She wanted to see the city and he has a cool view…plus, it’s way cheaper than the Empire State building. Different view, but I think it’s just as cool. We hung out there again for a while and then came home and watched a movie. It was an overall long, productive, touristy day. Today will be another. Church time.


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