Old Athena blog entry

I think if a person loves someone and that love is reciprocated, then they will both be good Significant Others. I mean, if you love someone, it’s for a good reason. If you don’t love your significant other, then why would a person try to be a good girlfriend or boyfriend? Why would the two even be together? If it’s just physical, leave it at that. Go look for emotional support elsewhere. But, if she’s asking, here’s what I have to say. Be sweet, honest, trusting, helpful, grateful, spontaneous, physically affectionate, objective and loving. Compromise. Share. Apologize. Listen. Experiment. Say “I love you.” Don’t deliberately hurt one’s significant others feelings during an argument. Talk about everything, especially doubts and fears. Constant small expressions of love mean more than infrequent large gifts/acts of affection. Let the small things slide. If you can’t discuss birth control together, you shouldn’t be having sex. Give one another space.


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