a little left field

I have been productive today…and by productive, I mean I bought an all-sports pass for this year (which I neglected to do in the spring because I didn’t think I’d want to go to football games [I am an idiot], but I do) and then I bought football tickets, although, I’m not totally sure about how that works. Apparently I bought the right to buy sports tickets to UT things this year and then I bought the right to go to some football games. I’m not sure. I wish it was more simple like Tech was. Every student had a ticket to every game, but if you didn’t show up early enough, you might not get in. That was pretty self explanatory. Plus, that way if you really want to go to a game there’s not the chance that you might not get a ticket…you could show up on Monday and camp until game time Saturday. Whatever.

Today seems like it’s on its way to going just as fast as yesterday too. Yesterday Tash left and she wanted to do a few things before she did, but once she left my place she couldn’t get back in without me…therefore, she needed somewhere to put her stuff. I just came to work early, brought it into my office with me and let her come get it when she was ready to go. I got here at 8:15 and all of the sudden it was noon. I still wasn’t hungry. I didn’t eat until like 1:30…then that made my afternoon that much shorter because I am used to eating at noon. Then we had a meeting at 3:30 that lasted unil 4:30…get ready to go and the day’s over. I definitely left at 5:15. I wasn’t feeling staying late yesterday.

This morning I got off the train and went to get my morning yogurt which is about 2 blocks out of my way. I was on the phone with Natashia and when I got off it (between 40th and 41st) some guy said, “Hey Miss…” and handed me this pink and black card. Everyone in this city, by the way, calls me miss. It gets old. On it it said “New York Flirts – You’ve been spotted!” What the heck. It’s apparently some program they get “attractive women” to sign up for and you get paid or “compensated” for going places – restaurants, bars, etc. The idea is to get attractive women into places so that it will get them more business. Hmm…odd. The same sort of thing happened on the other side of that same block about a month ago. Some guy stopped me and asked me if I’d ever thought about modeling and then game me some card. I think I’m good.

Tonight is CDM’s summer party. I didn’t think we were invited, but then we found out that the interns who are under 21 were all uninvited, so apparently we are invited and I am going. It’s at Battery Park. I’m excited. Should be good times. I’ve heard good stories about other parties. It’s from 6:30 to 11, but apparently everyone goes out after. I was told after the Christmas party no one got home until 5, took showers, and came to work drunk/hung over. They said all day long people’s office doors would be shut because they were taking a nap or whatever. Haha, so fun! I love the culture of this company. Everyone’s so young and laid back and fun.

So, I have tickets to the Yankees/Tampa Bay game Saturday at 4:05. I’m really excited about it! I wanted to go to one before I left and Scott will be here, so that will be something fun to do with him. Should be a good time.

Tash was here this weekend and we did just about all that is touristy. I don’t do touristy well, I don’t like it. I don’t like the crowds of people, but I did it and I didn’t have a bad time at all. We did the sea port and all that battery park entails and the original ray’s pizza (11th and 6th) and central park (everything between 59th and 86th – that’s the best stuff in the park) and times square and saw the city at night from the top of a building and went to little Italy and did the bar thing and church and some shopping and all sorts of stuff. Good times. We had a lot of fun. I’m so glad she came. Saturday Scott will be here. I hope it’s as much fun, because right now I’m just worried it’s going to be weird. We shall see.


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