Leaving early

Yesterday when I had my Marilyn Monroe moment (see bolow), Mom was telling me that they’d just booked flights for Angela and Steven (my only cousins on my dad’s side of the family) for that weekend when Uncle Gary and Liz are going to be in Houston…they weekend right before I come home. I get home Tuesday. Uncle Gary and Liz leave on Monday. They’d told me this before and I wanted to be home for it, but I was ok with letting them have “adult” (I don’t know in what world I’m not an adult, but whatever) time. But when Mom told me about Angela and Steven, that put me over, I couldn’t not go home. I love my family. Nothing trumps my family, not even New York. This morning I paid $70 and changed my flight to the Saturday before I was supposed to be home. I’m missing out on 4 more days here, but really, when I look back in 5 years will I be saying, “that 4 days was AMAZING, I am so glad I stayed in New York” or will I be wishing I’d gone home and regretting those insignificant 4 days spent in New York? I know that it will be the latter. My best and most favorite memories are all times I’ve spent with my family in the pool or bbqing or whatever.

I finish my internship on the 11th and I wanted to be able to take the weekend to pack and relax and stuff. This way I am going to have to be packed (pretty much) before I leave for work Friday, because that afternoon I’m sure we will have a going away party/happy hour and I’m going to want to spend that night with my friends/the boy before I go. It will be a little more work, but I can’t pass up that time with my family. I just can’t. So, New York, to you I bid a premature farewell, but I will be back soon. (If everyone’s reaction to my creative brief is any indication, hopefully I will be back here at CDM.) Much desired family time, here I come!


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