I was supporting myself by waiting tables again. I don’t know where I was working. My family came in and sat in my section: my parents, my brother, Uncle Jack, Aunt Sharon, Johnny, Brian and Danny. Sometimes Uncle Scott, Aunt Mizi, Chris and Sean were there too. Sometimes. So I guess I was sick and not feeling well that day. They got awful service and it took them a good hour to get their food. They were pissed. At one point I got over the the table with the refills of some of their drinks and they were almost all standing. Not a good thing. It was really frustrating for me because I was super busy and I was doing the best I could, but I knew it was bad. My Dad, of all people, started telling me they should get their meal for free. I argued with him and actually started crying because I was so upset that I did such an awful job with my family. The whole time I felt like Uncle Jack and Aunt Sharon weren’t all that let down because they don’t think I’m good at much anyway (which is sort of a reflection of real life). If you’ve ever been a server it was that feeling where you know you’ve done a bad job and you know things are your fault…times 5. I took FOREVER getting anything they asked for, especially drinks, but it wasn’t that I took my time…everything I did just took a long time. Not a good feeling.


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