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Sneaky sneaky

Timberon: (auto-reply) A Beautiful Sunrise this morning. What was I doing up that early? Swimming for one but thats not the primary reason.

I know the reason! :-D

Add on:
Some of the people I have let into my life talk a lottabit too much for me. There are things I don’t talk about because I know they will be blown out of porportion. There may be certain things I don’t want to have talked about. Last night (Friday) I was with some friends and I was told that I’d been on a date with someone and that he’d given me a dozen roses. Neither of which are true. I don’t talk because I don’t want to have things/my life talked about. I’m glad people think I’m interesting and feel the need to talk about me, but seriously?? Why not just keep your mouth shut and not? It’s frustrating and I’m struggling with the keeping my mouth shut. Right now all I want to do is call people out and tell them how I really feel about things, but I’m trying to exercise some tact, show some class and just let things go. If I don’t react, they should just forget that they want to talk about it, right? It is so frustrating that I have pretty well no romantic life, but what I do have is in the spotlight.


Sandra Bullock’s house

Last week I went and got some dinner with a few of my guy friends. It was good times. After dinner they invited me to go check out the new house they’ve just moved into. I agreed and away we went. When we got there it was this gated place covered completely by trees. 2 of them pulled into the garage and the other parked in the driveway. An Audi and 2 Beemers. I clearly have the nice car of the group. This house is freaking unbelievable. It’s 5500 sq. ft. apparently, which I can see through just the size of the freaking livingroom. It’s ginormous! If I had to guess I’d say the livingroom has at least 20 ft. ceilings. They had a full bar in the livingroom and the furniture they have in there, which is not small, looked tiny. In the back they have a perfect view of downtown and a freaking crazy cool pool. If you look down from the balcony or whatever it is you’re looking right down on the greenbelt. The whole dang house is so nice. After I left and told a friend about it, she pointed out to me that wherever I was standing, Matthew McConaughey had probably stood before. Weird. That’s what happens when you have friends who live in Sandra Bullock’s old house.

Job Opportunities

Last week on Tuesday I had an internship interview at GSD&M. It was one of the weirdest interviews I have ever had. In the email I got inviting me to it I wsa told to expect to be there for abdout 1.5 hours. I was there for 30 minutes. When I got there, the HR girl came and got me (she’s met me 3 other times and didn’t remember me). She then took me to a guy names Randy and just introduced him as Randy and told me I’d be going with him to some conference room. Ok. So we went and sat down and talked. No one ever really told me who he was. Halfway through the interview I figured out, oh, he’d be my boss. He asked me about my internship this summer and what I did. He didn’t seem to like any of my answers. What?!? It’s what I did! Then, after 30 minutes he took me back to HR girl where I expected her to sit, talk to me, and at least ask me a little about me and why I want to do advertising and blah, blah, blah since he’d asked me ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about me. He just asked about the internship I had and then told me about theirs. If you aske me nothing about me how do you know that I’ll fit with your team and work well with everyone? Well, he took me back to her and she just said she’d get in touch with me later in the week and walked me out. I wonder if he had some signal or word or something to tell her he didn’t like me. So weird. A friend of mine who worked there with him told me that he’s very dismissive with girls. Booo.

So, since that didn’t go well and I was still dressed up, I decided to go look for another job. I went and applied at Aldo, where I interviewed yesterday and was offered a job, 24 Hour Fitness doing sales where I interviewed Thursday and had an awesome interview. The manager is 23. We just sat and shot the shit with a little bit of interviewness mixed in there. I was literally in his office for 2 hours. It was good times. He’s running a background check on me, which you don’t do unless you want to hire someone and I’m just waiting to hear back some details. Finally, one of the spas I applied to called me back too and I’m waiting to hear back from them again. Take that GSD&M, I didn’t want your stupid internship anyway. I never hear good things from people who have worked there.

Girls Night

Tonight I had a small group planning meeting and I ended up staying at Natashia’s place until about 10:45. By the time I got home it was 11 and Aarti wasn’t answering her phone, so I was just going to stay here and read. Finally she called me back and I decided not to be a party pooper since I hadn’t seen anyone all summer. I got to Rio about 11:45, met them, and walked to 6th. We started at Dizzy Rooster. It was absolutely dead. That bad was cool, then Real World Austin happened and now it just sucks. Then we went to Aquarium where Robert and Jason were working. For not seeing me for 3 months, Robert was shockingly less happy that I was back than I expected. He did give me a bday coin thing though (as he always does). Then we went in and saw Jason. 5 free drinks later (1 for each of us – Jason never makes me pay for ANYTHING) we were on our way to Chuggin Monkey. Right outside Aquarium we found John, so he came with us. Must be nice to be one guy rolling around downtown with five girls. I think that makes is safe to bet you’re going to get into anywhere you go and maybe even get in on the free drinks. (If the guys who hang out on the street – you know, the ones whose job it is to give girls free drinks and get them into the bar – offer us drinks, we won’t take them unless they’ll give them to the guys too. It usually works.) So, we went down to Chuggin Monkey, hung out for a while, watched a little bit of the Miss Hooters contest on tv…and then there was drama.

Allison and Sabrina wanted to use the bathroom, so they were waiting in line. There were two guys in front of them and the people in the bathroom had been in there for a solid 10 minutes. Allison knocked on the door and a guy and girl, who had obviously been messing around, opened the door. Allison said they needed to pee and the couple blocked the door. Allison, completely cutting in front of the two guys, pushed her way into the bathroom and shut and locked the door. Then Sabrina started knocking on it, so Allison opened the door. When she did, the little Asian girl who’d been in the bathroom before her came at her swinging. Craziness ensued and Allison got punched in the eye. The little girl and her boyfriend were ready to fight. All I have to say is any guy who will fight a girl needs to be castrated and if that little girl wanted to take on the 5 of us, I’m down. Appparently the girl’s boyfriend was friends with one of the door guys and we knew everyone else. Sabrina somehow ended up getting kicked out. It was entertaining though. At one point there were 3 guys holding back the little Asian girl and 3 guys holding back Sabrina. Good times.

Overview of the night? I went out at 11:45 and had 2 drinks, neither of which I paid for. We bar hopped. Allison lost her bracelet and got punched in the eye (she will have a black eye tomorrow – it started swelling before we left). Sabrina got kicked out of the bar and drove home wasted. That’s all I got. Hope that’s entertaining for someone other than me.

How much do I love you?
I’ll tell you no lie.
How deep is the ocean?
How high is the sky?
How many times a day do I think of you?
How many roses are sprinkled with dew?
How far would I travel to be where you are?
How far is the journey from here to a star?
And if I ever lost you, how much would I cry?
How deep is the ocean?
How high is the sky?

I’ll be loving you, always.
With a love that’s true, always.
When the things you’ve planned need a helping had, I will understand always.
Days may not be fair always, that’s when I’ll be there, always.
Not for just an hour.
Not for just a day.
Nor for just a year.
But always.
I’ll be loving you, always.

Counting down

Football season is almost here!! The NFL has pre season games on and in my inbox at this very moment are my etickets for all the UT football home games…including Ohio State! I get to go to the Ohio State game here in UTs stadium, which I have never been inside of…and I am also getting hooked up with UT/Texas Tech game tickets in Lubbock because Jimmy is awesome. I am so freaking excited about football season it’s sick. I can’t wait to spend Saturday afternoons camped out in front of my tv with my laptop and books, studying and watching men run around in tight pants. Fall semester is going to be great if for no reason other than football. Plus, both of my teams are in the top 25. Texas is #1 or #2 depending on who you talk to and Texas Tech is #25. No worries, they always move up. I can’t wait for football season, tailgating, bbq, drinking, and cool fall days!

I’m back

Miss me? I’m finally back in Austin. I hadn’t been home in about 3 months. Crazy. So last night Tash and I got here about 10:15. It would have been much earlier, but we stopped in Brownwood to get a burger and the people at Sonic there have obviously never gone to school. We ordered her burger with cheese and ketchup only and 4 burgers and 40 minutes later we were on our way. Then, we got home and I carried all my stuff inside, went and got my mail, talked to Vanessa a little (she saw that I was home and came to say hi), and started to unpack. I didn’t get too far, but I got some done. I got most of my bathroom stuff put away and walked in to do something, but immediately forgot what that something was when I saw a 2 inch long roach on my bathroom counter. I walked in and he ran to my toilet paper roll where he crawled around for the next 10 minutes. I didn’t know how to kill him. I didn’t have Raid and I’m normally not such a girl about roaches, but I didn’t want to try to kill him and him fall to the floor and crawl all over my feet. I was on the phone with someone and was being such a girl. Oops. I got a flip flop and sat looking at him trying to figure out what to do. He was freaking hairy. He had hair all over his legs. GROSS!! The friend I was on the phone with was so calm, he was all telling me what to do. I felt so dumb. Oh well. Finally, I smacked him with my shoe and what I expected to happen did. Faster that I could watch, he ran. I didn’t see where he went but I knew it was somewhere around the toilet and I knew he wasn’t on my feet, so that was good. I went to move the bad of toilet paper I have sitting there and all of the sudden he was running around the inside of the bag. Eeew. There was a big hole in it I was convinced he was going to run out of and run out my arm. I tried to hit him a few times while it was in the bag running around the tp. Not much luck, the sucker was still alive. Finally sucked it up and got the bag outside. I was going to let it just sit out there, but I wanted my tp. I messed with it until he ran out while I squealed like a girl (as I had while I was on the phone with my friend – sounding retarted I’m sure). I tried to smush him but he ran. He’s at least outside now though. But…I have a big ass roach somewhere outside my apartment. I hope he dies a terrible death!

This morning my application for Texas Creative (it’s a 3 semester program and I have 2 left, but I need electives and if I get in it will be interesting) application was due by noon, no exceptions. So…I got up at 9 to go finish it, turn it in and stop by the new adv grad student orientation. I love my application. I hope the judges do! Anyway, when I got to my car and opened my door I noticed my console was open. Weird. Then I noticed my glove compartment was open. Really weird. I looked in my back seat and someone had gone through my things, but there wasn’t much to take. I didn’t see my planner though, the one thing I was going to go back for last night but decided to get this morning. Are you kidding me? Someone somehow broke into my car (without breaking a window) and took only my planner?? They didn’t touch my cds and there wasn’t anything else of value in there. My planner?!? I’m irritated. Now I don’t have any birthdays or anything. Jerks! Who steals someones planner when they break into their car. Grr.

When I left I went by the office to ask for an exterminator to come and to tell them that my air has been on since Friday afternoon (when I drove through to go to Lubbock) and that my apartment would not get below about 85. I also told them my car had been rifled through. She was like, well, just park in a well lit area close to your apartment and don’t leave anything in your car. Wow, thanks for your concern miss common sense. That’s annoying that they don’t even care. Anyway, the maintenance guy worked on my air all day today (while I napped) and told me it was fixed when he left. I’m really not all that convinced it is. Let me tell you though, if you ever need a good place to nap, there’s no place better than my couch. Try it out sometime.