America is fat

This last weekend at the movies my friend ordered this combo deal thing that was pretzle bites with cheese and a coke. The “small” coke was HUGE. Bigger than some larges. I looked at him, shrugged and said, people wonder why America is fat. He said something about portion control.

I am thinking about going to Chipotle for lunch today and I’ve been curious about how bad it really is for me…so I looked it up. The nutrition facts are on the website in a PDF, so I added up the calories that are in the burrito I order. How many do you think are in it? 800? 1000? Nope…1,169!! According to a calorie calculator, I only need to take in 1,069 calories a day. 1,169 in 1 meal!! Holy crap.


One response to “America is fat

  1. You really should take in 1200 calories a day…otherwise you may not be getting all your nutrient values met.

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