Heat Wave

So here in New York it has been hotter than it is at home in Texas. The heat finally broke a little and it is only 90 so far today. Yesterday, however, because of the heat there was city-wide fear of blackouts. The east village actually blacked out last night. Anyway. The day before yesterday, the ice cream man came to the office and walked around the floors handing out ice cream bars to everyone. Then told us to “stay cool.” Then, yesterday as I was leaving the building, the guys who work the front desk were handing bottled waters out of a cooler to everyone as they walked out. In the lobby of the building, half of the lights had been shut off, and about a third of the elevators had been stopped. They are obviously attempting to conserve power so that there is not a blackout. There was an email that circulated the city yesterday, telling about the impending blackout. People were told not to ride the subway. I don’t know any other way to get home. I’m not about to try to catch/pay for a taxi, I don’t know the bus schedule, and you can walk the 50 blocks from my office to where I live…I’m not doing it. When I got on the subway, there was no one on it. It was weird. It was the middle of rush hour and there was breathing room on the car. I could have done jumping jacks. Then, on the walk home there were some kids selling lemonade and cookies. So cute. I haven’t seen that in so long.

The temperatures should be/are cooling down, so that is nice and people are less worried about blackouts today. I’ve never been through one though, I thought it might have been a little fun to experience while I am living up here. Oh well, maybe next time.


One response to “Heat Wave

  1. Jerad has once again announced his intention to marry. It’s a girl named Valerie. I really shouldn’ t tease him and say “once again” because Seth is my second time intention as well. Maybe I should start calling him that. I bet he’d love it.

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