Checkout is Saturday at 7:59am

This is my last week here in New York this summer. All the girls are gone now. I am the only one here. Stephanie and Renata are out of town and coming back, but they’re gone right now. It’s so weird not having them here to go to dinner with or whatever. Gaby’s flight left at 3:30 today. I will see her again in Texas, we’re planning trips to see each other (and football games) in College Station and Austin, but it won’t be the same as being here. We talked about it at dinner last night and how nothing will compare to this summer. I said that about last summer, and yeah, it was amazing, but I was just basically irresponsible and partied all summer. This summer I moved to a city where I knew, essentially, no one, worked, supported myself financially, made friends, met an amazing guy, and saw most all of the city. This was my last summer before becoming a real grown up. I will always remember “that summer in New York” and this is the end of it. It’s such a weird feeling.

I am going on being at work for 11 hours today. It’s going to be a long week. We have our intern project presentation Thursday that we’ve been “working on” all summer and we still have a ton left to do (namely creative). All of our creative ideas have been shot down and reworked so many times. Ever see a stupid/bad/pointless ad? It’s because it has to make it through a good 15 people before it becomes reality. It’s going to be a long week with a few late nights, but I really love it here and hopefully all the hard work will pay off in the form of a real, grown up job. Thursday we will be finished, Friday I’m sure we will have some sort of a going away something, and then Saturday I’m out. So sad. Miss me, New York. I will be back in 9 months.


One response to “Checkout is Saturday at 7:59am

  1. If I don’t have a job lined up by the time I graduate (next Tuesday) I will steal Seth’s car and come down to Katy for a few days. How long will you be there?

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