Liquids and airplanes

Let me just start out by saying: I am happy the terrorism plot was foiled and that no one/nothing blew up. I am happy that there are people out there looking out for my well being and that the chances of my blowing up Saturday morning have been decreased. I am also willing to sacrifice a few hours of sitting in an airport security line for the rest of my life. I think it’s a pretty good trade. That being said:

Saturday is going to suck! Flying is going to suck. Flying out of La Guardia is going to suck. Security is going to suck. Moving on an airplane is going to suck. Flying across the United States is going to suck. Damn you, stupid religious extremists! You screw up everything! Now, because of you, I may not be able to take my iPod or laptop into the cabin of the airplane to entertain myself. If I have anything that is considered liquid or gel with me I will have to throw it away at security, and I cannot take WATER onto the plane with me to drink. You suck at life. Maybe instead of trying to kill people because they were born in a country whose way of thought you disagree with or don’t approve of, you should just kill yourself and make my life a little more of the way it used to be, when you didn’t exist to me.

So, there are terrorists who’ve plotted to blow up planes flying from England to the US with common liquid or not so common liquids in common packaging, but have been figured out and mostly arrested. A few are still lurking. Now there are absolutely no liquids allowed on a plane. The airline I’m flying on, Continental, was one of the airlines targeted to be blown up, so their security is going to be so much more stringent. On the website it says to be at the airport, now three hours before my flight. I’m flying out of La Guardia though and I’m wondering if they’re going to tell me I have to be there earlier. My flight is at 8am. I do not want to have to be at the airport at 4am. If that is the case, I will most likely not be sleeping Friday night. I hope it all goes well.


3 responses to “Liquids and airplanes

  1. Aside from that are you going to be in Houston any? I’ll be in town the 23rd-26th, I’m thinking mini 5 year reunion?

  2. I think it’s silly that they’re only disallowing liquids. As if that’s the only medium people can use to create a bomb. Meh. Like after 9/11, all the emphasis was on planes when there are SO many other ways for people to do a suicide attack. It’s all so very short-sighted.

    In regards to being at the airport at 4AM… I recommend that you go directly from clubbing to the airport and continue drinking right up until you board the plane. That way you’ll be delightfully numbed to the intense security. :D

  3. I flew out of Boston friday night after all that stuff happened to go to cali, it took me 15 minutes to get through security,a nd the let me keep my burts beeswax and take it on the plane… and I bought a bottle of water during my layover in Chicago… I didn’t think it was that bad.

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