Things I did in New York:

-laid out in central park
-saw rent
-went to a yankees game
-happy hour
-went to the statue of liberty and the world trade center 5 times
-made some great friends
-had my skirt blown up walking over a grate
-went to a trendy clubs in the meatpacking district
-stayed out of every single museum
-saw the movie Enchanted being filmed
-had fondu for the first time
-walked up the stairs of grand central barefoot because my shoes got stuck on the stairs
-saw broadway under the stars (people singing broadway songs in central park)
-saw a wedding in central park
-went to the bar every night the first couple of weeks I was there to watch either the NBA playoffs or the stanley cup finals
-met a guy
-didn’t want to leave him
-watched the sun come up most friday and saturday nights
-ate at peanut butter and company (
-ate at a place that sells only mac&cheese
-churascaria plataforma
-danced on a bar
-proved to myself that I really do know what I’m doing when it comes to advertising
-successfully pitched a campaign for Paliperidone ER
-picked the right colors and the right brand promise
-went bowling
-saw 5 movies
-got IHOP in Jersey after the bar closed (the sun was up)
-watched the world cup in soho
-shopped in soho
-was in greenwich village during a gay pride parade
-ate at the real original ray’s pizza
-got lost in central park. really.
-got evangelized to on the subway
-gave a homeless guy some food
-got asked for money on the subway (nearly every day)
-went to Harlem for KFC
-was told never to go back to Harlem (I don’t quite fit in)
-learned not to wear tshirts
-laughed so hard I cried
-watched fireworks for the 4th of july from a rooftop
-got roofied
-got italian foor and gelato in little italy
-missed good mexican food, the lake, volleyball on tuesdays
-wished I wasn’t missing out on the summer with my friends in austin
-got good, solid new york pizza
-gained 15 pounds (really.)
-watched maybe 8 hours of tv (all summer)
-entertained aarti, natashia and scott
-read Atlas Shrugged
-made plans to come back
-made it hard to leave


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