I’m back

Miss me? I’m finally back in Austin. I hadn’t been home in about 3 months. Crazy. So last night Tash and I got here about 10:15. It would have been much earlier, but we stopped in Brownwood to get a burger and the people at Sonic there have obviously never gone to school. We ordered her burger with cheese and ketchup only and 4 burgers and 40 minutes later we were on our way. Then, we got home and I carried all my stuff inside, went and got my mail, talked to Vanessa a little (she saw that I was home and came to say hi), and started to unpack. I didn’t get too far, but I got some done. I got most of my bathroom stuff put away and walked in to do something, but immediately forgot what that something was when I saw a 2 inch long roach on my bathroom counter. I walked in and he ran to my toilet paper roll where he crawled around for the next 10 minutes. I didn’t know how to kill him. I didn’t have Raid and I’m normally not such a girl about roaches, but I didn’t want to try to kill him and him fall to the floor and crawl all over my feet. I was on the phone with someone and was being such a girl. Oops. I got a flip flop and sat looking at him trying to figure out what to do. He was freaking hairy. He had hair all over his legs. GROSS!! The friend I was on the phone with was so calm, he was all telling me what to do. I felt so dumb. Oh well. Finally, I smacked him with my shoe and what I expected to happen did. Faster that I could watch, he ran. I didn’t see where he went but I knew it was somewhere around the toilet and I knew he wasn’t on my feet, so that was good. I went to move the bad of toilet paper I have sitting there and all of the sudden he was running around the inside of the bag. Eeew. There was a big hole in it I was convinced he was going to run out of and run out my arm. I tried to hit him a few times while it was in the bag running around the tp. Not much luck, the sucker was still alive. Finally sucked it up and got the bag outside. I was going to let it just sit out there, but I wanted my tp. I messed with it until he ran out while I squealed like a girl (as I had while I was on the phone with my friend – sounding retarted I’m sure). I tried to smush him but he ran. He’s at least outside now though. But…I have a big ass roach somewhere outside my apartment. I hope he dies a terrible death!

This morning my application for Texas Creative (it’s a 3 semester program and I have 2 left, but I need electives and if I get in it will be interesting) application was due by noon, no exceptions. So…I got up at 9 to go finish it, turn it in and stop by the new adv grad student orientation. I love my application. I hope the judges do! Anyway, when I got to my car and opened my door I noticed my console was open. Weird. Then I noticed my glove compartment was open. Really weird. I looked in my back seat and someone had gone through my things, but there wasn’t much to take. I didn’t see my planner though, the one thing I was going to go back for last night but decided to get this morning. Are you kidding me? Someone somehow broke into my car (without breaking a window) and took only my planner?? They didn’t touch my cds and there wasn’t anything else of value in there. My planner?!? I’m irritated. Now I don’t have any birthdays or anything. Jerks! Who steals someones planner when they break into their car. Grr.

When I left I went by the office to ask for an exterminator to come and to tell them that my air has been on since Friday afternoon (when I drove through to go to Lubbock) and that my apartment would not get below about 85. I also told them my car had been rifled through. She was like, well, just park in a well lit area close to your apartment and don’t leave anything in your car. Wow, thanks for your concern miss common sense. That’s annoying that they don’t even care. Anyway, the maintenance guy worked on my air all day today (while I napped) and told me it was fixed when he left. I’m really not all that convinced it is. Let me tell you though, if you ever need a good place to nap, there’s no place better than my couch. Try it out sometime.


One response to “I’m back

  1. It’s true. I’ve napped on it more than a few times!!

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