Counting down

Football season is almost here!! The NFL has pre season games on and in my inbox at this very moment are my etickets for all the UT football home games…including Ohio State! I get to go to the Ohio State game here in UTs stadium, which I have never been inside of…and I am also getting hooked up with UT/Texas Tech game tickets in Lubbock because Jimmy is awesome. I am so freaking excited about football season it’s sick. I can’t wait to spend Saturday afternoons camped out in front of my tv with my laptop and books, studying and watching men run around in tight pants. Fall semester is going to be great if for no reason other than football. Plus, both of my teams are in the top 25. Texas is #1 or #2 depending on who you talk to and Texas Tech is #25. No worries, they always move up. I can’t wait for football season, tailgating, bbq, drinking, and cool fall days!


One response to “Counting down

  1. I want to go to the Tech/Texas game too :( Do you get to bring a friend?

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