Girls Night

Tonight I had a small group planning meeting and I ended up staying at Natashia’s place until about 10:45. By the time I got home it was 11 and Aarti wasn’t answering her phone, so I was just going to stay here and read. Finally she called me back and I decided not to be a party pooper since I hadn’t seen anyone all summer. I got to Rio about 11:45, met them, and walked to 6th. We started at Dizzy Rooster. It was absolutely dead. That bad was cool, then Real World Austin happened and now it just sucks. Then we went to Aquarium where Robert and Jason were working. For not seeing me for 3 months, Robert was shockingly less happy that I was back than I expected. He did give me a bday coin thing though (as he always does). Then we went in and saw Jason. 5 free drinks later (1 for each of us – Jason never makes me pay for ANYTHING) we were on our way to Chuggin Monkey. Right outside Aquarium we found John, so he came with us. Must be nice to be one guy rolling around downtown with five girls. I think that makes is safe to bet you’re going to get into anywhere you go and maybe even get in on the free drinks. (If the guys who hang out on the street – you know, the ones whose job it is to give girls free drinks and get them into the bar – offer us drinks, we won’t take them unless they’ll give them to the guys too. It usually works.) So, we went down to Chuggin Monkey, hung out for a while, watched a little bit of the Miss Hooters contest on tv…and then there was drama.

Allison and Sabrina wanted to use the bathroom, so they were waiting in line. There were two guys in front of them and the people in the bathroom had been in there for a solid 10 minutes. Allison knocked on the door and a guy and girl, who had obviously been messing around, opened the door. Allison said they needed to pee and the couple blocked the door. Allison, completely cutting in front of the two guys, pushed her way into the bathroom and shut and locked the door. Then Sabrina started knocking on it, so Allison opened the door. When she did, the little Asian girl who’d been in the bathroom before her came at her swinging. Craziness ensued and Allison got punched in the eye. The little girl and her boyfriend were ready to fight. All I have to say is any guy who will fight a girl needs to be castrated and if that little girl wanted to take on the 5 of us, I’m down. Appparently the girl’s boyfriend was friends with one of the door guys and we knew everyone else. Sabrina somehow ended up getting kicked out. It was entertaining though. At one point there were 3 guys holding back the little Asian girl and 3 guys holding back Sabrina. Good times.

Overview of the night? I went out at 11:45 and had 2 drinks, neither of which I paid for. We bar hopped. Allison lost her bracelet and got punched in the eye (she will have a black eye tomorrow – it started swelling before we left). Sabrina got kicked out of the bar and drove home wasted. That’s all I got. Hope that’s entertaining for someone other than me.


2 responses to “Girls Night

  1. The poem i didn’t like, but the friday night fights i liked..

  2. Those asains are so hot blooded… or is that latinos… or is that cold blooded….. Meh, whatever.

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