Job Opportunities

Last week on Tuesday I had an internship interview at GSD&M. It was one of the weirdest interviews I have ever had. In the email I got inviting me to it I wsa told to expect to be there for abdout 1.5 hours. I was there for 30 minutes. When I got there, the HR girl came and got me (she’s met me 3 other times and didn’t remember me). She then took me to a guy names Randy and just introduced him as Randy and told me I’d be going with him to some conference room. Ok. So we went and sat down and talked. No one ever really told me who he was. Halfway through the interview I figured out, oh, he’d be my boss. He asked me about my internship this summer and what I did. He didn’t seem to like any of my answers. What?!? It’s what I did! Then, after 30 minutes he took me back to HR girl where I expected her to sit, talk to me, and at least ask me a little about me and why I want to do advertising and blah, blah, blah since he’d asked me ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about me. He just asked about the internship I had and then told me about theirs. If you aske me nothing about me how do you know that I’ll fit with your team and work well with everyone? Well, he took me back to her and she just said she’d get in touch with me later in the week and walked me out. I wonder if he had some signal or word or something to tell her he didn’t like me. So weird. A friend of mine who worked there with him told me that he’s very dismissive with girls. Booo.

So, since that didn’t go well and I was still dressed up, I decided to go look for another job. I went and applied at Aldo, where I interviewed yesterday and was offered a job, 24 Hour Fitness doing sales where I interviewed Thursday and had an awesome interview. The manager is 23. We just sat and shot the shit with a little bit of interviewness mixed in there. I was literally in his office for 2 hours. It was good times. He’s running a background check on me, which you don’t do unless you want to hire someone and I’m just waiting to hear back some details. Finally, one of the spas I applied to called me back too and I’m waiting to hear back from them again. Take that GSD&M, I didn’t want your stupid internship anyway. I never hear good things from people who have worked there.


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