Sandra Bullock’s house

Last week I went and got some dinner with a few of my guy friends. It was good times. After dinner they invited me to go check out the new house they’ve just moved into. I agreed and away we went. When we got there it was this gated place covered completely by trees. 2 of them pulled into the garage and the other parked in the driveway. An Audi and 2 Beemers. I clearly have the nice car of the group. This house is freaking unbelievable. It’s 5500 sq. ft. apparently, which I can see through just the size of the freaking livingroom. It’s ginormous! If I had to guess I’d say the livingroom has at least 20 ft. ceilings. They had a full bar in the livingroom and the furniture they have in there, which is not small, looked tiny. In the back they have a perfect view of downtown and a freaking crazy cool pool. If you look down from the balcony or whatever it is you’re looking right down on the greenbelt. The whole dang house is so nice. After I left and told a friend about it, she pointed out to me that wherever I was standing, Matthew McConaughey had probably stood before. Weird. That’s what happens when you have friends who live in Sandra Bullock’s old house.


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