Sneaky sneaky

Timberon: (auto-reply) A Beautiful Sunrise this morning. What was I doing up that early? Swimming for one but thats not the primary reason.

I know the reason! :-D

Add on:
Some of the people I have let into my life talk a lottabit too much for me. There are things I don’t talk about because I know they will be blown out of porportion. There may be certain things I don’t want to have talked about. Last night (Friday) I was with some friends and I was told that I’d been on a date with someone and that he’d given me a dozen roses. Neither of which are true. I don’t talk because I don’t want to have things/my life talked about. I’m glad people think I’m interesting and feel the need to talk about me, but seriously?? Why not just keep your mouth shut and not? It’s frustrating and I’m struggling with the keeping my mouth shut. Right now all I want to do is call people out and tell them how I really feel about things, but I’m trying to exercise some tact, show some class and just let things go. If I don’t react, they should just forget that they want to talk about it, right? It is so frustrating that I have pretty well no romantic life, but what I do have is in the spotlight.


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