Let Down

I have a few friends who are so concerned about getting laid and meeting girls. In whichever order you choose. Last night when I was out with all my friends they came to where we were, decided there were too many guys and left. Then all night one of them sent me texts telling me to get my girls, ditchs the guys and go to their place for late night. When I told him our girls weren’t going to ditch the guys he just didn’t understand. Our girls and guys are actually friends. They asked if there are a lot of couples. I said one and they didn’t understand why it was that they couldn’t get the girls to hang out without the guys. Crazy concept, I know…but we’re actually friends. They’re not just a bunch of random guys trying to hook up with us. Strange concept? They said they’d never met girls like that…it’s cause any girls they meet they treat like crap, so any good girls aren’t going to stick around. Anyhow, the friend, when I told him the girls weren’t going to ditch the guys said, “ok, have a good night then.” Maybe that’s why girls don’t stick around? They know they’re being used. Just a thought. Anyhow, he just sent me a text that said, “get your girls, lets go out on the lake.” I’d love to, but I know all my girls are busy right now and he’s going to want a group of girls. I told him I’m busy (which I am…I’m going to go to Houston shortly) and asked if he’s going out Monday. No answer. I hate being used. I’ve started feeling like they just want me around so they can meet my girls. It’s a crappy feeling. I’m losing respect for them. You can’t just throw money and things at girls and expect them to choose you…not the girls who are worth anything or respect themselves.


One response to “Let Down

  1. Well with the previous blog and this one there is one good blog about me and one bad. I’m pretty sure you wonderfully misrepresented me in this blog, but who knows I was drunk. It makes a good story anyhow. How about I throw some money at you at we forget this whole thing?

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