Tennis and a night out

It is 5:07 AM. I have just watched 4 drunken friends play tennis for about an hour on Sandra Bullock’s ex-tennis court. It was the most entertaining thing I have seen in a LONG time. I could have taped it and watched it again tomorrow and still laughed.

This followed my first night out with a big group of non-church friends since I’ve been back in Austin. SO much fun! We started out at Mooseknuckle and stayed there far too long. It was hot. Ryan, a guy I knew in junior high and haven’t seen in 8 years came and met up with us. Random. Kenny also came to see me and Puneet and Vinyl were there too. Good times. Then we went to Soho. Moving that group of people, especially when there are somewhere around 20 takes an act of God, but we did it. We spent the rest of our night there and as I was walking out a door guy gave me a free drink card for next time. Woohoo, I can save a dollar. Then we stood around on the street forEVER. Finally, we got to moving and I took Gary and Jesse back to Jana’s. On the way home I talked to Sunil and ended up going over there. We were just hanging out, having a good time. The guys were playing Dance, Dance Revolution with no pants on. Normal night, you know. Haha. It was really good to see everyone. Pretty sure I had a smile on my face all night! :-D

Now I will make eggs and pass out until someone calls to get me up for the game.


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