back to life…back to reality

So I’m back in Austin and school has started once again. I’m sitting here on my couch putting off reading. Nick Cannon is a good distraction. OPH is somewhere here in Austin, I’d like to hear from him, but I’m sure he’ll spend the evening with his Mom. I’ll get to see him at some point.

Tonight was my first night back to running. I hadn’t been on a run in a month and a half. Today I was going to try to do 7 miles with the group I’m training for a marathon in February with. I did 3. They did 4. The humidity was so bad. The air was so thick that it made my lungs hurt. Damn asthma. Now my calves are all cramped up. When I take a break from running though it usually takes about a week to get back into things and then I’m fine and back to normal. Can’t wait till next Monday.


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