Today was my first day on the new j-o-b. I felt like it was a waste of my time. I did and learned just about nothing. I was there from 10am to almost 7pm with a 2 hour lunch. LONG lunch, huh? Eh, whatever, it’s a free gym membership. The guys I work with are pretty fun. I’m doing sales. Fun times, huh? I’m the only girl, so I can play that up and hopefully it will work out for me in that people will be comfortable coming to me and think less that I’m just trying to get money out of them. Anyhow, when I came home I watched CSI, changed and went over to Vanessa and Elizabeth’s.

Vanessa’s bday is Sunday, so they had a party. It was really nice. It seemed like they worked hard on the food and everything. I left about 10 and felt bad for it. I’d told Aarti that I’d go out with her tonight though and she’d gotten us on some list for Foundation. Who knows. So, I went and met up with her and Julie and we headed to Rio to start while we were waiting for the rest of the girls. We only ever met up with Alison though. I guess the other girls went to 6th. I couldn’t handle 6th, not tonight. Too many crazy people. Too many Ohio State people. From there we went to Cuba Libre. We were going to go to Foundation, so I started crossing the street and Aarti stopped me. She wanted to go to Cuba. The sidewalk was all crowded and I’d been trying to avoid it. Oh well. While I was walking back I got my wallet out so I could get my ID out. Didn’t need it, the bouncer just let us in cause he knows her. When we got in the girls started freaking out. “Did you see that?!?” “We just passed Jake Gyllenhall and Lance Armstrong.” Scuse me? I must have been fiddling with my wallet. Anyhow, I was less than 2 feet from them, apparently, but never saw them. Damn it. Not that it would have been a big deal. I probably wouldn’t have acted any differently, but it still would have been cool to see them. They were most likely on their way to SIX. Lance owns it. I’m guessing they probably met up with Matthew McCaugnehey. The three of them apparently hang out quite a bit. They’ve all gotta be here for the game tomorrow. I wonder how many famous people are in town for it. Did any famous people go to Ohio State???

Oh well, then we went to Foundation and met up with a bunch of other friends. Then Lucky, but it was nasty crowded, so we left. Then we heard Vicci didn’t have a cover, so we went there. Wrong. $10 cover. So we left. Then we went back to Cuba to finish off the night. It took FOREVER to leave and get home. On the way home we passed some Ohio State people who were throwing the horns down. All I have to say about that is get creative. Come up with your own thing. Don’t just turn ours upside down. Idiots. Get original, be creative. Or, hell, why not just wear your “fuck Michigan” shirts to the game tomorrow. Cool.

I’m excited to go to the game. First time #1 and #2 have played each other outside of a bowl game in 21 years…and I’ve got tickets! I’ve never been to a UT game before (When I wasn’t a student at Tech and we were playing each other). This will be a good way to start off my experience whether we win or lose. Lets just hope we win. There’s a good chance…except for the fact that Ramonce Taylor and Tarell Brown are freaking idiots! When you are an athlete, your purpose is to work hard, do well and let people reward you for it. Not to beat your girlfriend, steal and XBox because someone else’s looked like yours, call the cops when you have 5 pounds of pot in your backpack and someone is threatening to break your window, or carry a loaded handgun on your lap while being pulled over by the cops. Freaking idiots. Just play sports. You are obviously talented. Your job is not to mess it up! Just play, maybe go to a few classes and wait until graduation to get paid millions of dollars. I don’t understand how athletes can be so stupid sometimes. They have so much going for them and they just get in their own way. I hope Brown wasn’t our only “weapon” tomorrow. Ok, I need to get to sleep. Lots to do tomorrow. Hook ’em!


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  1. Actually, it’s only been 10 yrs.

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