Texas vs. Ohio State

Yesterday was a good day. I’ll start from the beginning. I got up and went to confession. I forgot to confess what I went there for. Instead I stammered through some randoms. Not my fault. I could literally hear the priest on the other side of the “wall” snoring. It was distracting. Then he woke up half way through a sentence and started on his little forgiveness shpiel. He spoke so fast I could hardly understand him and I didn’t even get to finish. I felt jipped.

From there I went home and read for a bit. A bunch of friends were already out tailgating, but 6 hours before game time was just too early for me, especially when I had homework to do. So, I came home and read and then went to meet up with people.

First I went to some of the ad grads place who were having a preparty, but there were very few cars around, so I assumed there weren’t many people there. I didn’t really know the people hosting it, so I didn’t go in, I just went and found a parking spot by Aarti’s and met up with them. Traffic was CRAZY. MLK was backed up from I-35 to MoPac so I cut down to 15th which was only backed up about half way. It was nuts. I wonder how many extra people were in town this weekend. The Ohio State number I heard was somewhere between 15 and 20 thousand…but that doesn’t include any UT alum or friends or anything. I wonder how many extra people total were here this weekend. Somewhere around 50,000?? Either way, tailgating was CRAZY. All of the downtown area was crazy. There were people everywhere and the streets weren’t closed, but no one could drive anywhere close to campus. There were drunk people everywhere. It was a really good time though. I didn’t have anything to drink. In fact, I don’t think I’ve had more than one drink in the last month. As in, since I got home from New York I have consumed one alcoholic beverage. It was cool to see all the people, but SO hot. So much body heat. All the Ohio State people were nice though and I didn’t see anyone being rude to anyone. Everyone was just having a drunken good time.

At the Wrangler’s tailgate, “M” saw me and came and said hi. He likes making people feel awkward and out of place and inferior. He likes their reactions and feeling like he holds the power. Later he talks about it and them and laughs at them. I answered all his questions and didn’t ask any of my own. Was cordial and didn’t introduce him to any friends of mine. A few times he looked at my friend Lisa like he wanted to be introduced, be she was only half paying attention and had he said something I was going to be rude and say, “oh, sorry, I didn’t want to introduce you to my friends.” Haha. I’m just not a fan of any guy who tries to date me and my neighbor as well as asks me when I’m going to sleep with him. *gag*

From there we went with Jeff, Puneet, Amanda, Aarti and Allison to the game. I’d never been into the stadium before, let alone to a game. There were so many people there, but it was sol cool. We were at the end zone line in the 43rd row. I sat with Aarti, Jeff and Puneet were across the aisle and Amanda and Allison were somewhere else. There was drama at the gate and they weren’t going to let her in. After 15 minutes we went and sat down so we could see kick off. Guess who was in the box behind us. Did ya guess? Matthew McCaugnehey, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhall, Lance Armstrong and Eva Longoria. Crazy, huh? There were a bunch of other people in there too, but those were the only ones I recognized. After the first drive Ohio State had down the field I knew UT was in trouble. It was a lot of fun though. I didn’t know any of the cheers or songs, but I really enjoyed myself. The people were a lot of fun, not drunked assholes. There were high 5s everywhere after good plays. There was one play where #54 from Ohio State false started and the guy 2 rows in front of us said, “Number 54, you fat sonuva bitch, I saw you move!” Haha. Good times. At one point Aarti and I turned around and Matthew McC waved at us. Haha. He needs to shower, shave and cut his hair. Oh well. After Ohio State scored to make it 24-7 Aarti and I decided to go. As we walked out of the student section Jake Gyllenhall was standing there. Aarti said she wanted to say hi, so I said, go for it, why not? So…she did. He was really nice to us. I appreciate that when famous people are down to earth. Anyway, we walked back to Aari’s and all the way back she congratulated the OSU people. They were very nice back. We heard a guy packing up stuff in a parking garage (people were partying/tailgating in them – it was cool to see) talking to some other people and siad he’d really had a good time and that all the UT people were really great. Good. After we got back I just went home. I had to work at 8 today. Good freaking times yesterday though!


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