Chuck Norris

Ok, I don’t understand. What is the big freaking deal with Churck Norris?? In my last class my prof was talking about Chuck Norris and round house kicks and blah, blah, blah. He’s been big since the beginning of summer. Why?!? What made him all of the sudden so popular and such a sensation? Apparently I didn’t get the memo. Can someone who did explain it to me? Last I knew, Chuck Norris was an old washed up guy who was on some stupid, cheesy tv show. When did that all change? I’m so confused!


3 responses to “Chuck Norris

  1. I am going to place the blame on Conan O’Brien, but the fault may really lie elsewhere.

    “Since NBC and Universal have merged, Conan gets to show whatever memorable Walker [Texas Ranger] clips he wants, whenever he wants, without it costing a cent!”

  2. there are some website that have a list of chuck norris jokes. Things he has said on his old show and now people are making him out to be some great “super hero”. Other than Conan and Taledega Nights, I don’t know why it became so popular.

  3. This is the cause of Churck Norris’ resurgence in popularity…

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