The j-o-b

So last Friday was my first day working in sales at 24 hour fitness. I was really surprised when I got there and did nothing. Then I took a 2 hour lunch. Then I continued to do nothing. No one else did anything either. Neither the manager or the assistant manager taught me anything. I was shown/told nothing about the club. Then, they just expected me to take off out the gate without any training at all and get after it. I’m sorry, I’m expected to give tours to people, right? Wouldn’t it be good if I knew things about the club first? It was frustrating and I felt like I wasted my day. Not worth the $40 I made in those 8 hours on minimum wage. Saturday I had off for the game (I get 2 days off a week and I picked Wed cause I have class from 9-7 and Sat cause I have season football tickets. I’d have to go to church and Monday’s 1 class during my 2 hour lunch). Sunday I went in at 8 and no one showed up until about 8:30. The manager has weekends off and the assistant manager showed up about 10 carrying his clothes, had a class and then left. He actually called back to have someone clock him out. He didn’t come back until mid afternoon. Again, I learned and did nothing. It was a waste of my day! Monday…same thing. Got there at 8 again, was the 1st was there and was exhausted. Did very little all day. I gave a lady a tour, talked to a guy on the phone and tried to “help” a woman who wanted a membership but sucked at life and hated the world. She was mad before she got there and was so rude to me. Finally she just left. Whatever, lady. I know you’re from Chicago, but that rude shit doesn’t work down here in the south. You’re going to need an attitude adjustment. I don’t care if you are 66 and think you’re better than me. Anyhow, Monday on my lunch break I called Jared at Aldo back and asked him what was going on since I hadn’t talked to him. He said he still needed someone and to let him know when I could start. I thought it over and talked about it with my mom – I can do what I want, but I like to have her opinions and advice – and Monday after I’d gone home from work I called Dusty (my 23 year old manager…I figured the manager was better than the 23 year old assistant manager) and told him the job wasn’t going to work out. He said I didn’t have to come back in. It’s not like me to start something and quit like that, I’ve never done it, I honestly just don’t think I could have handled working there. I need a mindless job, that was too much work and effort. Plus, I was the only girl in the sales pit and those guys were bad. I’m not sure I could handle being around them all the time. They were crude and dirty and disrespectful. So, tomorrow I start at Aldo. I’ve done retail before and I’m not a huge fan, but I can do it, plus, I know I have the opportunity to move up pretty fast there and I don’t have have to fold any clothes.


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