my dry humor

So apparently I am funny, contrary to what I’ve always been told. Yay! I’ve always been funny to me. It’s how I entertain myself. I figure, if my thought are entertaining to me, then maybe they will be to someone else too…so I say them. I don’t have much of a filter. It really is very entertaining to me. And it’s free. Cheap entertainment was never a bad thing. Anyway, in the last 2 days 4 people have made a comment to me that I’m funny. Cool. Glad it works out for someone else too. I know that I suck at jokes. I can hardly get a one liner out right. Apparently my dry humored little comments are funny though. Good times. I make OPH laugh and that makes me happy. I make my mom laugh, but she’s my mom. She has to laugh at me. It’s like a science project. Even if I just peel an orange and stick it on cardboard, she has to be proud of me. I make my best friends laugh…but much like the mom thing, they kinda have to. Good times all around. I’m amusing. Woot!


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