Reasons UT sucks

-they only take Mastercard or Discover
-you can’t pick and choose what you want to be shown on the directory. It’s either all or nothing.
-if it’s nothing they don’t discuss anything with you in any way other than in person (restricting your directory info should NOT effect things other than just what people can and can’t stalk you by)
-they give you your financial aid before it’s paid for all your hours and then threaten to cancel your enrollment for not paying
-the rec and gregory combined don’t have as much work out stuff as the rec at Tech
-they have time limits on their cardio equipment
-there’s no parking near either the rec or gregory during school hours
-neither are close to the bus stop and it’s up hill to it after you’ve worked out at either
-on top of the fees you are paying as a student to use the rec/gregory, if you want to take an aerobics class you have to pay $65 a semester. What if you want to take aerobics, pilates and kick boxing? That’s $195 for the semester. Ridiculous.


19 responses to “Reasons UT sucks

  1. Then don’t go there. You can alway go back to Tech. Lubuttocks rocks.

    • stfu. i hate when people tell others just to “go somewhere else”. judging from your post and general lack of intelligence, it’s obvious you never even went to college.
      if you did, you would realize just how difficult it is to completely up and leave in the middle of a year/semester.

  2. and that Burnt orange color gets old after a while.

  3. i like to think that the whole student body doesnt have to subsidize someone’s particular choice of exercise.

    (my choice is dancing ballroom/swing/salsa, blegh on pilates/aerobics/kickboxing)


  5. Reasons UT is awesome
    – Our football team doesn’t suck
    – Neither do the rest of our sports teams
    – We’re in Austin, not in the middle of nowhere
    – Classy fans
    – Lower STD rates
    – We’ll get jobs before any other student at any other university in Texas and probably any bordering state
    – No dust storms
    – No days reeking of cow feces
    – 6th street
    – 5th street
    – 4th street
    – want me to keep going?

    Get a discover card, exercise at night, run townlake. Your credit card, parking, and cardio problems are now solved. :)

  6. you’re an idiot. austin is a loser town.

  7. What an intelligent argument. Clearly you and/or I are an idiot and a loser. I’m so happy that someone anonymously chose to let me and/or you know that I/or you are an idiot and make such a compelling argument.

  8. I thought the staff and faculty were disorganized and incompetent at UNT (where my son goes) until I sent my daughter to UT and learned the true meaning of boundless incompetence and disorganization……

    The meal plan stinks, the dorms are atrocious. Two kids are cramed into a space smaller than our master bath on mattresses that are as hard as concrete(and she’s in super-duper Honors program housing). The Housing, Meal Plan and Internet are grossly overpriced for what she’s getting.

    Granted, Austin is a lovely city and the academics are top-notch and I freely admit she’s a picky eater that tends to shun fast food and high fat at times, however I have to question UT’s priorities when the stidents that have vehicles on campus aren’t allowed to park in spaces they’ve paid for during football games and other special events.

    This had damned well better be worth it as even with an honors scholarship and other finacial benefits something just doesn’t feel “right”.

    This seems an opportune moment to point out that it’s obvious that the reason there’s a “Dad’s” association ” (I thinks it’s a “parent’s association” now) is that at some point it became necessary for fathers of students to go and beat someone’s head in over something that shoul’ve be handled via other means to the extent that someone felt the need to forme an entire goddamned organization devoted to doing such!!! (I actually prefer to expedite such things myself, partly because I’m a cheep S.O.B. and partly because I feel like sometimes you just have to so thing for one’s own self)

    Please forgive the run-on sentences and if by chance I’ve fumble-fingered the keys and perhaps, misspelled something here and there as I often do these days and such forgiveness isn’t forthcoming then feel free to kiss mah self-educated ass and be aware that I’ve done so much with so little for so long that now I can do anything with nothing at all.

    Not that I don’t value higher education … I do or I wouldnt be making sure my kids get such… but I’ve seen ovewhelming evidence that some people simply do not have the capacity to make use of any level of education and that a degree in and of itself is no more a mneaure of competence, ability or intelligence than the mileage of a used car is an indicator of it’s quality.



  9. I agree with a lot of what Nunya said about UT at Austin. They have the rudest and most disorganized staff and faculty. But what academics? You learn everything via powerpoint and if not that it is self taught. You’re paying for nothing. Rolls eyes.

    They are a so-called non-profit public organization. Then why does it seem like everything is about making a huge profit off of students? Hmmm. Rolls eyes.

    I agree with what FU said, at UT at Austin they don’t care what is best for you or what you think, it is what is best for everyone that really matters. Sounds like Collectivism to me. Rolls eyes.

  10. That ‘We’re Texas’ permeates the University. From the snotty students to the sub-par and overpriced services.

  11. I agree with everyone who says UT sucks! I am graduating this coming May (thank God!!!) and have had the worst fucking time here. I’ve learned nothing. I’m a hard-working honors student with a full four-year scholarship to this shithole, however, I will not give any money to UT when I’m an alumni. Never before have I felt so completely misguided, lost career-wise, and shunned after seeking aid and rec letters from professors who don’t know me from atom because they have 300+ students in each class (even though I attend office hours frequently).

    Nunya-I hope that your daughter finds her way to make it through the honors program and dorms. Her UT degree with be highly regarded, but if she doesn’t have very much direction/decisions made career-wise, I would advise hiring a private career counselor to provide advice/career aptitude tests.

    I wish I could articulate this all better, but I HATE this school. I even transferred to NYU for a semester to get away and only then did I find the direction I needed to pursue a successful career path and I matured a lot. I transferred back to UT to graduate because NYU = $$


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  13. If you thought UT was so wonderful then why did you start this blog? It sounds hypocritical to me.

  14. you obviously haven’t read the blog. Only this one post covers UT.

  15. wow. I applied to UT this year. I’m valedictorian of my class. I have a 4.015. I scored really well on my SAT, my extracurricular and leadership track record is perfection in it of itself, and I’ve been crying rivers and rivers over not being able to afford a “public ivy education” even though I got in with no problem. Thank you guys so much. I know my full ride at UTA (A for Arlington) now means soooo much more than being just another social security number attached to a dollar sign in the middle of Austin. Thank You so mUch. My future years in medical school and probably my first born child thank you for your words of sincerity over the overrated pathetic bullshit that is UT.

  16. you have inflamed a hornets nest

    btw i found this blog b/c i searched for country chix in a big city

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