Monthly Archives: October 2006


Well, it’s officially fall. You know how I know? Not the temperature…I live in Texas. So, that means we don’t have the color change either…so yeah, that’s not it. I know it’s fall because I have my fall bedding on my bed! No more quilt, it is a green, silk comforter. It’s fall. Yay fall bedding and yay football!



So…I don’t technically have a boyfriend, but I do have a boy who got mad and went home when another boy was touching me too much Saturday night. (note for Mark and maybe Matt too: don’t be dirty!) Which, by the way, I didn’t notice, sorry, I’m naive. How exactly does that work? Does that mean that I can’t date anyone else? Wouldn’t that then make him my boyfriend? Can a non-boyfriend get jealous like that? Hrmm…

From New York

-I was told that I don’t have it in my blood to like black guys (during an ethnicity discussion). Can you say offensive?!?
-I finally counted how many times in 1 day I got hit on in the street. 11 times were blatantly obvious to me. I was given a business card on the subway.
-I went to the WTC site with a person from there. So different than going with touristy people.
-I got someone from the city into a club. Hah! :-D
-Visited 8 agencies in 3 days
-Put UT/Texas bumper stickers on the wall of an ACC bar.
-Did NO shopping. (Breakthrough)
-Felt like I was coming home
-Inadvertently saw: the Statue of Liberty (from a building top), Ground Zero (was walking someone to the path), the Brooklyn Bridge and the Sea Port (from an agency), Madison Square Garden (picking up a friend), the project runway school of design (at an agency), models auditioning in meatpacking (at an agency), Times Square (meeting a friend at a bar), etc…
-realized how much I miss the city and my amazing friends
-didn’t want to come home!

Mixing friends

When you belong to many differet groups of friends, they are typically different. Otherwise, they’d all be one group. You would think that in the last 23 years I would have learned not to try to mix groups of friends. It always ends up awkward, I am always in the middle and I always worry about making sure everyone is having a good time and getting along well. It’s also important that no one get ignored/left out. Well, last night I mixed New York friends and grad school friends. Not good. They didn’t mesh. I felt stuck in the middle, people were getting offended and mad, myself included and it was just not fun. This same sort of situation has happened before, but I have just not learned from it. This is probably because I want to hang out with everyone at the same time and hope that, like myself, they’ll all like each other. Murphy’s Law. Last night was not good. I don’t like situations like that. From now on I’m just going to have to make different time for everyone and everyone is going to have to understand that.

Too big

So I’m pretty sure this working out this in finally working again and I am losing weight…just not where I want to. My fingers are smaller. My rings are getting too big and slip around too much. I might stop wearing them. That will be really weird though, considering I have worn rings on the same 2 fingers since I was 16. About 8 years. It will feel weird, but maybe better than rings that get in the way. I will test it out. We will see.

Visiting the NE

I am in NY this week and being here feels like coming home! I can’t express how much I love this city and want nothing more than to be here. Not kidding, I am considering not finishing my masters, getting a job in December and moving up here. A masters doens’t make any difference in pay and the reason I began it was because I didn’t feel like I knew enough to go out there and work. Now I do. I feel like I have something to contribute and can do good things. So, I’m going to talk to people and see what can happen. I’ll have to break my apt lease and that might be expensive, but we will see.

I’ve been here since Tuesday and go home tomorrow. I don’t want to leave. Really. The next time I’ll be up is NY and I can not wait! I got here Tues and went right to bed, Wed and Thurs we saw 3 agencies for 2 hours each and yesterday we saw 2, both for 2 hours. Last night I went out with some of the girls from the program. One is from Jersey. I know someone at Home, so we went there. She was like, I can’t believe you are getting me into a club in New York. Haha. We had a freaking blast though. Good times. It’s great here. Today I went with some guys from the program to a bar called Stout and watched the UT game with all the Texas Exes…that’s where they go to watch games. Good times. I don’t want to go back to Texas!


I think it all started with Shannon, but I can’t remember any of those details. Jen and I were at dinner at Olive Garden, but it didn’t look like one. We were just catching up and being friends. We sat down and a girl she knew who’d gotten married that day sat with her new husband not far away. Turns out she had just married Dalla, who I worked with at the Cheesecake Factory. I said, I can remember when he was single…a year ago. We both said it was weird. Then she told me that she’s a really nice person no matter who you are. Then I realized Michael Czapski and Laura, his wife, were sitting at a table near us. They both had Aldo purses they owned but were looking at. Then the girl saw us and came to talk to us. She was so pretty. She knew who I was. I’d never heard of her before that night. She was still wearing the top part of her wedding dress and black pants. They were leaving for their honeymoon after dinner. After a little small talk she went back to Dalla. Jen wanted more ice for her tea and the waiter wasn’t coming by, so we went to get it ourselves (I used to work there). We went to the little drink area and Jan got right on the 2 story tall latter that you had to climb to get to the drinks. She got to what she wanted and fell to this cabinet thing where she couldn’t keep her balance and fell to the floor. The waiter who was there didn’t even turn and look at her. I said, “she just fell a whole story and you don’t even ask her is she’s ok?” I don’t remember his response, but then he walked off. I opened the freezer door of the refrigerater to get her a plastic cup full of ice for her tea and back to the table we went.

Adrian and another girl and I were going to a dance. Adrian was wearing jeans, and a grey tshirt. We were walking in and Hank walked in right in front of us. Just skipped the line with some other guy. We walked in and walked right past them. He’d never met me, so I hoped he didn’t know who I was. We walked to some area and stopped to dance. This is when I realized Adrian had a line of blood across his back. I said something and the other girl said, you should see the front of him. I said something and he turned around and the front of his shirt was like drenched in the same line form. He said Hank stabbed him when we walked in. I about freaked out and told him he had to get to the hospital. He said he was fine. He was not. We left.