The other night a guy and his friend walked into the shoe store. As they were walking in I heard part of their conversation and it sounded a little like they were talking about me. At first glance, one of them looked just like New York. Then, he didn’t. He was shopping, his friend wasn’t. I got him a pair of shoes, he bought them and that was that. As they were walking out it sounded like the one who bought the shoes said something along the lines of, “I couldn’t do it.” Or something. 20 minutes later the phone rang and I answered. It was that same guy and I thought he was going to say something to complain about the shoes or something, because I think they were actually a little too small for him. Meh. Nope, didn’t want to talk about the shoes. He said, “well, I was calling to see what you’re doing later. Maybe we could hang out. Unless you’re engaged or married or have a boyfriend or something.” I told him I had a boyfriend, but thank you and to have a good night. What was I supposed to say?!? At least I didn’t just completely shoot him down. I tried to save his pride. I’m a nice person!


One response to “Hrmm

  1. you work at a shoe store? now THAT i cant see. like at a mall?

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