Movie Marathon

I am New York sick, thusly, I am going on a New York movie watching marathon until I go back in 9 days. 8 months until I get to move back. The movies I can think of are:

-How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
-When Harry Met Sally
-You’ve Got Mail
-Sleepless in Seattle
-2 Weeks Notice
-Coming to America (?)
-Cruel Intentions
-Sweet Home Alabama
-Miracle on 34th Street
-The Interpreter
-Stepmom (?)
-What Women Want
-The Wedding Planner
-Catch Me If You Can
-Coyote Ugly
-Maid in Manhattan
-Gangs of New York
-Mr. Deeds
-Trading Places

Plus, I can watch Will & Grace, Sex in the City…and isn’t Friends set in NY?

What else? I won’t watch them all, just the best ones.


4 responses to “Movie Marathon

  1. Debbie does New York?

  2. Don’t forget, both Spider-Man movies and both Ninja Turtle movies….God I’m a nerd.

    And yes, Friends is based in NY.

  3. By which matt means all three ninja Turtle movies… although I think they spent part of that one back in China or something… so it’s arguable

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