My legs

Ok, so I finally sucked it up and went to the dr. Why? Because my knees have been jacked up for the last 2 yearsish. I went to a highly recommended orthopedist. He wanted to get an MRI of my knee cause it sounded like I had a torn miniscus. I did not. I apparently have calcified tendons in my knees, as well as shin splints (that don’t hurt my shins). My legs hurt on the inside right above my ankles after I run about 2 miles to the point that I can almost not manage to walk. Apparently I have a tendon that attaches my calf muscle all the way to the bottom of my foot. When you change what you run on or how far you run (which I did both of) sometimes it pulls to over adjust for something or another and that causes those pains that I don’t think are shin splints, but that’s what they call them. I just have to deal with it, ice it and massage it out every day for it to go away.

As far as my knees, they have all sorts of explanations for why they hurt, why it goes away when I take a break from running and then comes back when I run again and what will make it better…and what causes it. As for right now I’m on two different medicines. One is a pain killer and the other apparently functions like a cortizone shot. I’m not supposed to run until mid November…but they never said anything about weights or and eliptical or anything.

I have very flat feet, which I’ve known. When I was born my legs were jacked up and I was supposed to wear braces, but Mom & Dad couldn’t afford them, so I didn’t. I was pidgeon toed for a long time. I dealt with it and now I only am when I’m really tired or in pain. So my flat feet cause me to run in a way I shouldn’t and it in turn messes with my joints. On top of that I have very elasticy tendons because of which, I can do things like touch my thumb to my wrist. This also causes me to run more on the wrong part of my foot cause my foot can go about an inch to either side or forward without me moving my ankle. In turn messes up my joints. Not entirely sure how that causes calcified tendons, but whatever. I also have Morton’s Foot (about 25% of the population does) which means I distribute my weight over my foot in a way that causes stress fractures. I also put 65% of my weight on the ball of my foot and 35% on my heel. It’s usually the other way around. I just have jacked up legs/feet. Someone wanna trade?

So much for training for the marathon. I’ll continue to try, but I’m not sure how much I can do when I can’t acually run. Maybe I’ll do the half. We shall see.


One response to “My legs

  1. Momma said they was my magic shoes!

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