Freaking people

So last night, like every Friday night, I had to work. About 8:15 Amanda, the other assistant manager and only other person working with me asked where the clutches that we keep in baskets with the boots display were. Uhm…? I didn’t notice they were gone. Seriously? We definitely got robbed. They stole 6 $40 clutches and 6 pairs of sunglasses. All things that the view of are blocked from where we typically stand. I’m pretty sure it was two women who were there about 7:15 though. We were fairly busy, lots of people in the story, lots of people trying on shoes and one of them started asking me about sunglasses. Neither of them tried anything on or looked at shoes. I could never see them both at the same time, they both had big purses, and they didn’t leave the store together. One left and the other stayed for a min.

A) I feel really bad for Amanda, she was written up Thurs and yesterday for being late. This could get her fired. They’re going to blame it all on us. There were 2 of us, there were a ton of people in the store and we were both busy. We did our best,which wasn’t good enough, but it was our best. B) I feel really stupid that the thought actually crossed my mind when she was looking at the sunglasses and I blew it off. C) I don’t want to get this blamed on me!

We have a meeting tomorrow night. We’ll see what happens.


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