From New York

-I was told that I don’t have it in my blood to like black guys (during an ethnicity discussion). Can you say offensive?!?
-I finally counted how many times in 1 day I got hit on in the street. 11 times were blatantly obvious to me. I was given a business card on the subway.
-I went to the WTC site with a person from there. So different than going with touristy people.
-I got someone from the city into a club. Hah! :-D
-Visited 8 agencies in 3 days
-Put UT/Texas bumper stickers on the wall of an ACC bar.
-Did NO shopping. (Breakthrough)
-Felt like I was coming home
-Inadvertently saw: the Statue of Liberty (from a building top), Ground Zero (was walking someone to the path), the Brooklyn Bridge and the Sea Port (from an agency), Madison Square Garden (picking up a friend), the project runway school of design (at an agency), models auditioning in meatpacking (at an agency), Times Square (meeting a friend at a bar), etc…
-realized how much I miss the city and my amazing friends
-didn’t want to come home!


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