Mixing friends

When you belong to many differet groups of friends, they are typically different. Otherwise, they’d all be one group. You would think that in the last 23 years I would have learned not to try to mix groups of friends. It always ends up awkward, I am always in the middle and I always worry about making sure everyone is having a good time and getting along well. It’s also important that no one get ignored/left out. Well, last night I mixed New York friends and grad school friends. Not good. They didn’t mesh. I felt stuck in the middle, people were getting offended and mad, myself included and it was just not fun. This same sort of situation has happened before, but I have just not learned from it. This is probably because I want to hang out with everyone at the same time and hope that, like myself, they’ll all like each other. Murphy’s Law. Last night was not good. I don’t like situations like that. From now on I’m just going to have to make different time for everyone and everyone is going to have to understand that.


One response to “Mixing friends

  1. I think that no matter how many times the situation of friend mixing occurs and it doesn’t work out, you secretly hope that the next time you do it, it will be a success. Think about it, if you are friends with two people that aren’t friends in the first place, it would easy for them to BE friends because they have a common link . . . YOU. Though no matter how many times you try, a majority of the time it won’t work. So you have to make sure you spend time with the people that you want to spend time with when you want to spend time with them, and that inadvertently makes you selfish . . . but in the end would you mix well with your friends other friends? – Ash.

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