So…I don’t technically have a boyfriend, but I do have a boy who got mad and went home when another boy was touching me too much Saturday night. (note for Mark and maybe Matt too: don’t be dirty!) Which, by the way, I didn’t notice, sorry, I’m naive. How exactly does that work? Does that mean that I can’t date anyone else? Wouldn’t that then make him my boyfriend? Can a non-boyfriend get jealous like that? Hrmm…


5 responses to “Jealousy

  1. Hope this doesn’t aggravate the jealousy. I had a dream with you in it last night. And Mike. And Rob. And Elizabeth. Hooray for small reunions. We should have a blast this weekend.

    PS…Are you bringing a costume?

  2. haha… I got mentioned! … and I wasn’t going to say anything dirty =-P AND I’m awesome.

  3. also, Tech v UT this weekend baby! Which color are you wearing?

  4. boys still fallin for ya ,eh? Hope your doin well, i’m great! Otherwise is my myspace name. Bye!

  5. I don’t know what you’re talking about…

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