I just voted

Woohoo, go me! Second time I’ve ever voted. The other time was the last presidential election. This time there were a lot of things/people on the ballot that I didn’t know much about…who cares who the 412th precinct municipal judge is. Whatever. The big thing being voted on was, obviously, the governor. I really had a hard time deciding who to vote for. I really did. I guess sometimes you just gotta pick the best of the worst. I know, it’s politics and they’re normally all bad…but I’m not normally so torn. I’ll make it easy for you to narrow it down to who I voted for. Carol Keaton Strayhorn is an idiot. In a debate she didn’t know who the President of Mexico is. Isn’t that A) common knowledge and B) something the governor of a bordering state should know?? I hope the only people who vote for her are her family and maybe the people who work for her. Then you have Kinky Friedman who is just a fucking idiot. That’s all I feel like he deserves to have me say about him. There’s another random independant on the ballot who I’d never heard of. Then you have our current governor, Rick Perry, who by definition sucks at life. I think he’s arrogant, has bad policies and sucks at handling education as well as tax dollars. Finally, you have Chris Bell. I think he actually sounds like a decent choice…until you start looking at moral issues and where I stand there. Grr. I’m too liberal for the republicans, too conservative for the democrats and too normal/educated for the independents!


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