Sooo…this weekend I went back to the place I called home for 4 years. I never really miss it and I never really want to go back, but this time it was nice. I didn’t get to see a whole lot of people…it’s hard to in 2 days, but I got to trudge around town, have a mini high school reunion, go to an awesome game, and hang out with some old friends. The game was exciting. I wore my shirt I made…it’s split down the middle, UT on one side and Tech on the other. Nike makes the same shirt for both schools…so I got them, cut them in half and sewed them together. Just walking around on Saturday, I literally had probably 30 people ask me where I got it. Haha. Good times! It was a 6 hour ride up there and a 6 hour ride back. Not the most fun, especially 4 people crammed in my Civic on the way home, but it’s whatever. We got there really late Friday night too, so I didn’t do much. One thing about that city that I really don’t miss is that you go to a bar and get home smelling like an ash tray. Oh well. Good reason to stay home and watch a movie. I predict I won’t be back to that city for a long time. Somehow, I’m not sad.


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