Natashia Anne Elstad

Today we celebrate you Miss Birthday Girl. I hope for a happy 24th birthday…seeing as how I will be depressed on mine in lieu of it making me old. Tonight we will go to dinner to celebrate. Yay Natashia. So…the first memory I have of you is CSA formal 2004. I was dancing with Veronica and Trish. You were talking to Brian. I didn’t hear the conversation take place, but I was told about it promptly after. You were watching us dance and asked, “she hasn’t always been a good girl, has she?” I don’t remember when exactly we started hanging out after that, and I know we had interaction before that…but that is the first time I can clearly remember you. Lots has changed since then…we worked out (a lot), I skipped out on Vegas (but I got drunk dialed…well, by a sober Jared), I graduated, you visited, you graduated, we shared a brain (ok, maybe we just think a lot alike), you found a job in Austin and lived with me for 2 months, I went to New York, you visited, I came back, we went to Lubbock for weddings, we lead a small faith group, your brother got sick, you threatened my maid of honor status, I threatened yours and told you you’d have to wear a clear dress, we went to Lubbock for football…and that’s just in what, two and a half years? Good lord, we’ve got like 60 left. Get on that.


One response to “Natashia Anne Elstad

  1. Yep, I was completely sober. Dang, I’m a pretty good actor… :)

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