New York sick

I am sitting in JP’s Java not doing homework. I have an assignment for Photography to be doing, 4 for my Health Comm class, and a few things I could be doing for portfolio as well as writing checks to pay my bill or cleaning my apartment (although I would have to be there for that). I have been here for over an hour. I should be doing things. Instead, I IMed friends for an hour. Now I’ve told them all I need to do homework or they’ve gone to bed. I want to do my homework, but I just can’t seem to make myself do it. Yesterday I got up at 4am Michigan time, flew back to Houston, went to Mom & Dad’s, did one last load of laundry, drove to Austin, stopped by my placce long enough to change (I didn’t even attempt to unload anything from the car), went to class, went to an interview, went home, got ready for the rest of the night, went to dinner with Athena, played IM volleyball, worked out, went home and passed out. Today I got up at 8, got ready for work, worked from 10-4, contemplated getting a new cell phone, left the mall, worked out, showered, went to the adv grad fireside, came here to study. These are my days. I wish I could say I spend them sitting on the couch watching tv, but I do not. At the end of the day I want nothing more than to go to sleep. *pout*

I digress and come to the point that is causing me to write this. I am New York sick. So much that it makes me sad. I’ve never really been homesick, and I am not now. I miss working, I miss real life advertising with fun people and no homework. I miss the girls. I miss real life. I just miss New York, dammit. I just want to go back. I want to go back and not have to come back to Austin. I love my friends here, but I’m not happy here like I was there. I might just be OPH sick. I know I like him more than I should and that’s dangerous…but sometimes you can’t help things. Whatever it is, I know I’m New York sick.


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