Last Night

So, I’m uber emotional right now, whatever, it happens once a month. Thanks Eve. Urg. Anyhow, I went out with a group of friends last night and had a pretty good time until right before I left. Some things happened that I didn’t like and couldn’t ignore. I wish I could have! I left and then when my friend got home, he asked me what was wrong with me. Then I proceeded to make a big deal out of something I shouldn’t have made a deal out of at all. I was being an emotional girl and now I wish I could take it back. Too late, I can’t. Now, I’m going to have to deal with whatever repercussions are caused by it. They could affect me as well as like 4 other people. I’m very disappointed in myself for letting something that shouldn’t matter get to me. Now, who knows, maybe I’ve screwed up a friendship. :(


One response to “Last Night

  1. damn. Such a ubiquitous entry, but I hear where your coming from. maybe if you tried drinking more coffee?

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