Stupid Phone

So last night apparently my phone decided it needed a break. I didn’t get any calls or texts while I was at work from 4 to about 9:30. When I left I called Aarti to see where they were for Amanda’s bday since I hadn’t gotten a reply to my text. She said they were at Kyoto and that she’d sent me a text telling me that. I hadn’t gotten it. So then I called my voicemail. I had 4 messages. My phone never rang. 2 were from Mom. She didn’t sound well. I called her. Got a story that I will tell in a minute. Then I called Sprint, tried to figure it out, didn’t, got ready to go out, got all my texts on the way dt. I guess the phone just needed 6 hours off. Who knows.

So a few weeks ago Papa (mom’s dad) passed out in church. They couldn’t find anything wrong with him and have been “running tests” since then. Yesterday he went in to do a stress test and passed out during it. They found blockage in his heart and sent him by ambulancce to a hospital in Grand Rapids. They were going to put shunts in but decided he is too weak. Then they realized it’s not just heart blockage, it’s 3/4 heart blockage. Does that mean he was passing out cause he wasn’t getting enough blood? So, since he’s too weak to have the shunts in they’re going to do open heart surgery. If he’s too weak for the lesser surgery, how will he be stong enough for the other?? I don’t understand, but they are the drs. I can’t go a year without something bad happening to my family, but this has the potential to not be bad. We just saw him last weekend. I hope it all turns out alright.


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