If you have to wear an article of clothing to proclaim your sexiness, you are decidedly not sexy. Oh, the things you observe while working in a mall. Today I saw a 12ish year old girl wearing a little layered skirt with leggings under it and a “baby t” that said “sexy” on it. She was a chunky girl and the shirt was too tight. My mom would NEVER have let me out of the house in that. Then, the other day a 19ish Mexican girl came in wearing jeans that on the top of the left thigh had “sexy” in red rhinestones. Do you need to wear something labeling you as sexy? Thanks, I’ll pass. I don’t want to be sexy. In fact, I maintain…no man who loves me the way I want to be loved will ever call me sexy.


One response to “Sexy?

  1. So should I return those leather assless chaps that sey “Sexxx machine” around the cut outs on the butt cheeks?

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