Women and football

This morning Tash and I met at church and then decided to go to lunch at Pluckers. Sweet. Good food and football. We were the only table of women there and to top it off, we were both in heels. Hmm. We watched the Titans vs. Eagles, the Texans vs. Buffalo, the Saints vs. Bengles, the Jets vs. the Bears, the Steelers vs. Cleveland, and the Falcons vs. the Ravens. It was good times. We sat, yelled at tvs, got looked at funny by guys and talked crap about football players. Some fun quotes resulted:

Guy at the table next to us: “The team is not doing anything to help VY’s quarterback stats.”
Me: “VY is not doing anything to help VY’s quarterback stats.”

Tash: “VY is the only running back in the NFL posing as a quarterback.”

Creepy host guy: “We have decided you two can’t leave.”
Us: “Why?”
Creepy host guy: “Cause you’re the cutest girls in here.”
He walks off and we look around.
Us: “We’re the only girls in here.”

Me: {yelling at the tv} “Go, go, go…go farther!”

Then, when I pulled up to my apt I noticed a sticker on the back of a Jeep that says, “I [heart] VD” All I know “VD” to mean is venereal disease. Hrmm. Now it’s time for homework and the Colts vs. Cowboys game. Who am I?!? Tash says we intimidate guys…they don’t know what do to with smart girls who like and know about sports. She says we’re too much like one of the guys. Who knows, maybe. I’ll ponder it while homeworking. Oooh, with some wine!


One response to “Women and football

  1. You should consider yourself blessed that you were able to behold the Glory that is the Almighty Vince Young on Sunday.

    But may the righteous be glad
    and rejoice before Vince Young;
    may they be happy and joyful.
    – Psalm 63 Verse 3

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