I am just realizing how freaking awesome my Thanksgiving is going to be and how damn excited I am! I get to leave here in about 48 hours, drive for 2 and spend about 36 with my family. Not long eenough, but I will take what I can get. I’d go home sooner, but UT doesn’t cancel classes the day before Thanksgiving like everyone else and the profs just sort of do sit on their own. One of my profs isn’t canceling class that day and I really don’t think I can afford to skip. There are 8 of us in that class. So, I will be here, go to class, get my allergy shots and make like a baby. Wednesday Mom and I have plans to make all the pies and desserts…most likely while watching movies. I love the idea of a tv in the kitchen!

Thursday I plan to roll out of bed about 7:30 or 8…but 9 is realistic, go down to the kitchen in an oversized tshirt and sweats (hot, huh?) and continue to help mom prepare the food. I really need to pay attn this year, it may be my last Thanksgiving at home for a while. We will watch the Macy’s Day Parade and then the Lions and then whatever movies happen to be on tv. We will dinner with Aunt Kay & Uncle Robert, Curries, Seth & Athena, Brian, Mom & Dad, Todd, and myself about 3. Then, when we’re all fat and lazy we will make our way to either the hot tub or the livingroom where we will watch Christmas Vacation. Maybe both. I can’t wait. Come on Monday, come to an end!


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